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Special F-100 Section by Zafer SOGANCIOGLU

Super Sabres of 1st AFB, Eskisehir,1963

All models are Italeri 1/72 kits, built OOB and home made decals added.
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F-100 D, 111st Sqd. "Panter" F-100 D, 112nd Sqd. "Seytan" F-100 D, 113rd Sqd. "Korsan" Sabres of 1st AFB
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F-100 F, 111st Sqd. "Panter" F-100 F, 112nd Sqd. "Seytan" F-100 F, 113rd Sqd. "Korsan" Sabres of 1st AFB
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F-100s of 111st Sqd. "Panter" F-100s of 112nd Sqd. "Seytan" F-100s of 113rd Sqd. "Korsan"  
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 Models built by Zafer Sogancioglu,photo by A.C.Acikgoz,Copyright 2002  Unofficial TuAF web site