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Aircraft four wiev Color Profiles
Here is a new section about TuAF aircrafts.It is possible to find general colors and markings data by clicking "Markings" link at navigation bar  top of this page,under the logo.

We've changed site navigation and  deleted "Badges "page because it is really easy to find TuAF badges from many other sources. So, we added this "References" page.This special page includes four wiev color profiles of TuAF aircrafts and general colors and markings information. Today, we added F-104 , F-102 , F-16 and F-86 color profiles. More drawings will be added soon...We are sure that, this drawings will be very helpfull for TuAF scale modelers and aviation historians.All drawings are made from dozens of photos of actual aircrafts.


F-86 Part 1 F-86 Part 2 F-102 Part 1 F-102 Part 2 F-104 Part 1
f-86-1.jpg (153016 bytes) f-86-2.jpg (144321 bytes) f-102-2.jpg (98272 bytes) f-102-1.jpg (98722 bytes) f-104-1.jpg (104555 bytes)
F-104 Part 2 F-104 Part 3 F-16 Part 1 F-16 Part 2 F-16 PArt 3
f-104-3.jpg (102294 bytes) f-104-2.jpg (91414 bytes) f-16-1.jpg (156111 bytes) f-16-2.jpg (157143 bytes) f-16-3.jpg (155020 bytes)
F-16 Part 4        
f-16-4.jpg (157392 bytes)
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